The Stunning Zagros Mountains of Iran

Iran is a country in the Middle East famous for its intricate mosques and the city of Tehran, where you can view the Golestan Palace.

Iran is considered in the top 25 richest countries in the world and has about 82 million people living there. It’s a massive country that’s surrounded by other Asian countries like Pakistan, Iraq and Turkmenistan.

Another wow factor in Iran is its incredible nature. Besides their endless dunes and deserts, their mountain ridges are not to be missed. Check out the Zagros Mountains for an unforgettable view and don’t forget to bring a camera.

Visit Gahar Lake

If you’re looking to see some seriously stunning nature sites, you can’t miss Gahar Lake. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a 25km hike and has one of the best views of the mountain ridges in the world. You’ll definitely want to see this place en route to the Zagros Mountains.

Lovely Weather

This region in Iran has great weather for most of the year, making for some great conditions for hiking. You’ll probably see a goat or a few other mountain animals as you hike through this region. There are many kinds of trees here, so you can keep track of the different varieties and even discover new kinds of trees and plant species!