Is Iceland’s Blue Lagoon The Most Beautiful Place In The World?

Image by nextvoyage from Pixabay

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is “an otherworldly wonder in the heart of a volcanic landscape.” At least, that’s what the spa that is based there claims. But is it really that special?

The Lagoon is essentially a giant hot spring, which is constantly heated by the nearby geothermal plant. The lagoon is a stunning shade of sapphire and is filled with minerals. This means that bathing in the lagoon is fantastic for your skin, and many claim that the water has healing and rejuvenating properties.

According to the Blue Lagoon Iceland Retreat’s website, the Blue Lagoon was named one of 25 wonders of the world by National Geographic in 2012, while the retreat itself was opened in 2018.

The retreat features a luxury hotel, an underground spa, a lagoon rich in minerals, and two restaurants, with the retreat assuring that “all of Blue Lagoon Iceland’s concerns are powered by sustainable energy.”

The Blue Lagoon certainly offers something unique and is an unforgettable experience. For now though, we can only imagine what it is actually like inside.