The Land of Tequila in Mexico

Image by nextvoyage from Pixabay

Ever wondered where Tequila is made? It is in the western state of Jalisco that blue agave thrives. Blue agave is the essential component of this popular liquor, and this place is perfect for people who appreciate alcohol, but also for people who are big fans of art and museum exhibits.

Jalisco, which translates to “sandy plain,” is a prized area of Mexico and is known for its abundant fields that produce the world’s best tequilas. Looking for a fun and boozy trip? Add Mexico to your bucket list.

Check Out Museo Nacional del Tequila

This museum highlights the town’s rich history and has several rooms dedicated to the fuel of life that runs through the veins of Jalisco. Don’t forget to try a tequila.

Spiky Blue Agave

The City of Tequila is filled with Spiky Blue Agave, which gives tequila its kick. It has beautiful cantinas, where you can sample tequila from some of the oldest distilleries in Latin America. They’ll take you through the whole process of tequila and what it undergoes to achieve its state.