The Tall Tales of Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya
Photo by leila brewster on Unsplash

Do you love giraffes? Are you fascinated by the idea of breakfast with long-necked, gentle creatures? If so, then pack your bags and get ready to embark on a wild adventure to Giraffe Manor in Kenya. Nestled in the heart of Nairobi, this enchanting boutique hotel is a must-visit destination for animal enthusiasts and those seeking an extraordinary experience. Join us as we explore the unique charms of Giraffe Manor.

A Majestic Welcome

As you step into Giraffe Manor, be prepared for a royal welcome only these regal creatures can provide. The manor’s lush grounds are inhabited by a herd of endangered Rothschild’s giraffes, who roam freely and share their territory with curious visitors. Imagine the thrill of being greeted by these gentle giants, who often peek through the windows to say hello, giving you a warm fuzzy feeling before you even enter the front door!

Breakfast Like Nowhere Else

When it comes to breakfast, Giraffe Manor is truly in a league of its own. As you sit down to enjoy a delicious meal, don’t be surprised if you find yourself sharing your table with a long-necked friend. These elegant giraffes have mastered the art of peering through the windows, eagerly awaiting their turn for a treat. Be prepared to capture those picture-perfect moments as you feed them pellets directly from your hand.

Charming Accommodations

Beyond the delightful encounters with giraffes, Giraffe Manor boasts charming accommodations that are as luxurious as they are unique. The manor’s elegant rooms exude colonial charm, with vintage furnishings and cozy fireplaces.

Exploring the Surroundings

While Giraffe Manor steals the show, there’s more to discover in the surrounding area. Explore Nairobi National Park, a wildlife haven teeming with lions, zebras, and countless bird species. Take a tour of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, where orphaned elephants are nurtured back to health before being released into the wild.