The Top 3 Islands To Visit Around Venice, Italy

Venice is the Italian city that never seems to leave the Renaissance era. This city, which is made of islands and floating palazzos, is one of the most unique destinations in the world. No trip to the city is complete without a tour of the surrounding islands. There are three all visitors must visit.


This picturesque island is known for two things—vibrant colors and lace. Primarily a fishing island, each of the homes on it are painted in bright colors like pink, blue, and green. Besides fishing, the residents are known for their lace industry. Designers from around the world purchase this intricately-made lace to be used in their designs. 


Like Burano, Murano is known for its artisans—but instead of lace, they make glass. For hundreds of years, glassblowers have honed their skills and are now known as the best in the world. The Museo del Vetro is worth a visit to learn all about the history of glassmaking on the island.

San Michele

Between the islands of Venice and Murano is San Michele, which is the cemetery island. This island has been used as a burial ground by the Catholic Church for centuries. A walk amongst the island and a tour of the headstones belonging to famous historical figures is a good way to end your island tour.