Where to Go Skydiving in India

India is famous for its luscious green vegetation, pristine mountain ranges and beautiful cities. Now imagine seeing all of this majesty with the birds in the sky. With skydiving you really can enjoy these surreal scenes.

Here are some of the best skydiving spots in India.

Pondicherry (Tamil Nadu)

This skydive offers beautiful and unique views of the town and the sea beside it. You can really feel the curvature of the earth as you see the contrast of the green coastline against the ragged blue sea and pristine skies.

Aamby Valley (Maharashtra)

One of the most beautiful spots in India, it is really a treat to skydive in this gorgeous valley. You will soar above the rocky peaks of mountains and the soft timber of beautiful woodland.

Dhana (Madhya Pradesh)

Take a once in a lifetime free fall from 4,000 feet. You will begin far above the clouds before you descend to the luscious green landscape below.

Narnaul (Haryana)

Located near the capital city of Delhi, this stunning skydive has been set up by the local authorities to promote adventure tourism in the region. The jump affords unique views of the plains and villages of the area.