The Top Caribbean Adults-Only Resorts For 2021

For travelers that don’t have any children, or are looking to get away from theirs for a vacation, adults-only resorts are an excellent place to unwind. The Caribbean is home to a wide variety of them, all across the islands. Here are our top picks for 2021.

Jade Mountain Resort (St. Lucia)

The island of St. Lucia is known for its volcanic history, which is what created the Pitons that characterize the island. Jade Mountain Resort is one of the most luxurious resorts on the island with views of the Pitons across the bay. If you’re looking for something extra romantic, consider staying in one of the rooms which comes with its own infinity pool. 

Excellence Oyster Bay (Jamaica)

This hotel is for people looking to relax and focus on themselves, rather than boisterous parties this is the resort for you. It features multiple pools, restaurants with international cuisine, and a spa offering every treatment imaginable. This is a place you can truly unwind, and forget the stresses of the world. 

Cocobay Resort (Antigua)

While many resorts offer hundreds of rooms, Cocobay has opted for a much more intimate stay. There are only a few rooms and no televisions in any of them. This is designed for the adults that want to enjoy a digital detox, and spend their days swimming on one of the three white sand beaches in front of the resort.