Tips for Exploring Athens on a Budget

Photo by Enric Domas on Unsplash

Athens, Greece is a great city to explore on a budget. It’s relatively inexpensive anyway, but there are loads of hacks for exploring the city on a shoestring.

Bring Your Student Card

The majority of the historical sights in Athens offer free entry for students. If you have one, make sure that you remember to bring your student card.

Avoid Taking Taxis

Like many cities in Europe, Athens is particularly notorious for taxi scams. Where possible, get the bus or the metro. If a taxi driver tells you the metro’s closed, check on your phone first because it’s a popular tourist scam.

Get an Air BnB on the Outskirts of Town

Air BnBs are a great way to experience the charm of local culture. If you’re on a budget, stay just a little outside the city center. You’ll get more for your money and you may even get those fabulous Parthenon views.

Free Walking Tour

Athens boasts some of the most informative free walking tours in Europe. Not only will you learn a ton about ancient Athens, you’ll also learn the best place to get authentic Gyros and what tourist traps to avoid.