The Most Exciting Water Parks In The World

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Water parks are officially among the best attractions that offer a full day of fun. Whether you visit with friends, family or as a couple, these four are the best in the world.

Siam Park, Spain

All adventure lovers will be fascinated by Siam Park. Located in Adeje, this huge park will keep you and your family busy all day long. It’s been voted the best one in the world multiple times, which is just another reason why it should be at the top of your list.

Waterbom, Bali

Waterbom is all about adrenaline. Whether you take the massive slide or some mind-blowing twisters, this place in Bali is worth all of your money. Even if you decide to have a peaceful vacation there, you shouldn’t miss Waterbom.

Volcano Bay Water Theme Park, Florida

If you see a new amusement location by Universal Studios, you know right away that it’s a must-visit. The Volcano Bay is one of the most exciting water parks, with everything tropical you can possibly want. There are pool bars, cocktails, huge installations and more.

Tropical Islands Resort, Germany

The largest indoor water park is here to make your life better. It was inspired by tropical locations and is set in a huge location that was previously used as a ship hangar.