There Are Plenty of Reasons to Visit Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia.
Yerevan, Armenia. Photo by Gevorg Avetisyan on Unsplash

A former Soviet republic located in the mountainous region between Asia and Europe, Armenia has unfortunately gone overlooked as a tourist destination. But it has so much to offer visitors from its nature to its culture to its history to its people. Here are just some of the reasons why it’s worth visiting Armenia.

Safety and Hospitality

Ranked one of the safest places to travel, Armenia is very welcoming to foreigners. Locals love offering tourists hospitality in the form of food, water, and invitations to their homes, and you can feel safe accepting these invitations and walking around city centers at night.

The History

One of the world’s earliest Christian civilizations, Armenia’s history dates back thousands and thousands of years. The country is full of temples, monuments, cathedrals, and monasteries with beautiful design and architecture as well as a lot of meaning to people interested in the development of Christianity.

Mount Ararat

One of the most significant landmarks in Armenia is Mount Ararat, a symbol of the motherland that was even mentioned in the Bible as the point where Noah’s ark stopped and Noah and his family settled. The view of and from this mountain is breathtaking, showing much of Armenia’s stunning natural landscape.