There Are Plenty of Reasons to Visit Zanzibar, Tanzania—Here are Some of Them

Zanzibar, Tanzania
Zanzibar, Tanzania. Photo by Med J on Unsplash

Zanzibar might not be on your travel list, but you might consider adding it sooner than later. This archipelago in the Indian Ocean has everything you might need for a relaxing vacation while providing various other attractions, including plenty of opportunities for water activities. Here are some of the reasons you should consider visiting Zanzibar.

Beautiful Beaches

Zanzibar’s beaches alone should be enough to convince you to visit the archipelago. The white sand, clear and warm water, intriguing marine life, and more make them among the best in the world. On top of that, here you can find some of the best snorkeling in the Indian Ocean.

Perfect Weather

You can’t enjoy the beaches if there are no sun and clear skies, right? Well, you won’t have to worry about that in Zanzibar. The weather here is perfect almost all year round, with a lot of sunshine and a low probability of rain. However, if you don’t want to risk it, visit at some point between July through September.

Fascinating Stone Town of Zanzibar

Stone Town of Zanzibar is located on the archipelago’s biggest island Unguja. The old part of the island’s main settlement Zanzibar City, Stone Town is known for its unique architecture that was influenced by Swahili culture and mixed with elements from Arabian, Persian, Indian, and European styles. UNESCO designated Stone Tow as a World Heritage Site in 2000.

Jozani-Chwaka National Park

Zanzibar’s Jozani Chwaka National Park has a fascinating flora and fauna that is definitely worth checking out. You’ll find examples of mangroves, tropical forests, and coral rug forests and probably encounter some animal species you can’t see anywhere else. This is especially the case with Kirk’s red colobus monkey species endemic to the archipelago.