These Belgian Waffles Will Make You Fly All The Way To Belgium

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

In the middle of Western Europe, Belgium, is one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the continent. Belgium blends the historic with the new, from countless castles and buildings to innovative art museums and hip cafés.

Belgium is known for its history, Renaissance architecture and for a great shopping destination, but that’s not all, Belgium is mostly known for its delicious food, such as waffles, chocolate, fries and beer. Besides these Belgian delicatessen, Belgium has also many distinctive national dishes as well as international popular foods.

The typical Belgian cuisine includes: potatoes, leeks, endives, grey shrimps, mules, white asparagus and local beer, as well as meat, cheese and butter.

But then, there is the Belgian Waffle. This one is a game-changer. This one will make you fly all the way to Belgium just for this.

There are two kinds of Belgian Waffles; the Brussels Waffle and the Liege Waffle. Brussels waffles are made with a thing yeast-leavened butter, which makes them lighter and their appearance is more rectangular with deeper holes and soft edges. Liege Waffles are made with a butter that is more like bread dough; thick and sticky. The dough contains chunks of sugar and are caramelized with a crispy, crunchy, golden coating.

Make sure to travel to Belgium with an empty stomach and ready to gain a few pounds. They are totally worth it.