How to Stay Fit While Traveling

Image via rebeccalouisefitness/Instagram

We all know that one of the most important parts of travel is the food. What is Paris without a freshly baked croissant? It is common to be exhausted and sluggish after a lunch of homemade fettuccine and perhaps a Bellini or two…

That is why it is important to make a short, but effective, workout while traveling. A short exercise routine will raise your energy levels, reduce bloating and of course, burn some of those calories.

A lot of people are detoured from doing workouts while on vacation because they believe they need equipment or a gym. But that isn’t true. There are several 10-20 minute exercises which will re-energize and strengthen your body.

Rebecca Louise, who has hundreds of short exercise videos online, proves that no equipment is required. These are the perfect exercise to do outside or at your hotel. Get ready to feel fit and it won’t take any time out of your day to explore the temples of Peru or the Taj Mahal!