These Tasty Snacks Will Make You Feel Like You’re In Brazil!

Image by Larissa Kozemekin from Pixabay

Brazil is a vibrant country full of happy people, a country that offers you unforgettable experiences. Their cuisine is also as amazing as the residents are, so here are several dishes you’ll adore. 


This is probably what heaven tastes like. Brigadeiro are truffles made with milk and rolled up in chocolate sprinkles. If you think this sounds good, imagine how it would taste if there was a strawberry in the middle. As we said before – like heaven.

Pão de Queijo 

If you love cheese, then you will adore these cheesy puffs! Casava flour is the main compound, so they’re gluten-free. Filled with cheese, crispy and available in different sizes, they are the perfect snack! 


It’s everyone’s guilty pleasure! This thick bread filled with ham and cheese not only tastes good, but it makes you feel good too! Joelho means knee in English, but your stomach will definitely fall for it.  

Mandioca Frita 

If you want to find a healthy alternative to French fries, then stop looking because this is it. Fried cassava is one of the most popular snacks and it’s so crispy and delicious that you’ll forget about French fries in no time!