These Things You Can Only See In South Korea

Image via Johen Redman on Unsplash

If you ever travel to South Korea, except for K-pop culture which is already strange for Western people, you will definitely see more things you are not used to see.

Free food in supermarkets

It is normal to try food in Korean supermarkets. They don’t control how much food you eat before buying.

Special treatments for pregnant woman

It is great to be pregnant in South Korea. All future moms receive a special credit card from the government with $500 on it, which can be used on medical treatment and medicine. They also get a social trinket which activates the sign that a pregnant lady has got on public transport. The seats are marked with pink color, as well as the parking places for moms-to-be.

Subway cars dedicated to cartoon characters

In South Korea, themed subway cars are very popular. They are fully dedicated to cartoon characters: the stations are announced with the voices of those characters and their physical embodiment are places on seats. Want to have a ride with Naruto? Hop on the Korean subway car!

TV hosts in national Korean clothes

Traditionally, on every Korean New Year, the South Korean television hosts are wearing beautiful national Korean clothes.

Schools are open until 1 am

Education in Korea is very important, so the children have to study a lot. For the elementary school students, the classes begin at 9 am and last until 6 pm. Secondary students are studying until 10 pm and in high school the studying ends at 1 am.