Visiting These Places Will Make You A True Che Guevara Fan

Image via Pixabay

Everyone has heard about Ernesto Che Guevara, the famous Argentine revolutionary. Some of us only know a thing or two about this guerrilla leader, but out there, you can find some very big Che fans. If that is the case with your loved one as well, then you should surprise him or her by booking a Che Guevara tour.

Some traveling agencies offer a Cuban Che tour, others however, bring you to Bolivian sites associated with Che. Whichever tour you pick, you won’t regret!

The Cuban Che Guevara Tour

Ernesto Che Guevara, along with Fidel Castro, played a big role in the world famous Cuban revolution in the 1950’s. By joining this amazing tour you will follow the Comandante’s footsteps across Cuba. You will visit Santa Clara, the city where the final battle of the revolution was held and which toppled the Fulgencio Batista government in 1958.

Also, another great thing you will be able to see in Santa Clara is the huge statue of Che Guevara, beneath which is the mausoleum where his remains are buried. Some of the stopping points are Old Havana, Trinidad, as well as the San Carlos de la Cabana, where Guevara held his office.

The Bolivian Che Route

Bolivia played a big role in Che’s life: there he led the unsuccessful Bolivian revolution, while Vallegrande, a city in Bolivia, was the place where he died. This tour will take you to the Bolivian jungle, as well, where Che lived his last days. You will also see the laundry room at the hospital in Vallegrande, where Guevara’s dead body was laid for display to the public and press.ñancahuazú

The Motorcycle Diaries Tour

If you want something more exciting and extravagant, then you should organize yourself a Che Guevara tour with the help of Che Guevara’s Memoir: “The Motorcycle Diaries.” In 9 months, the young doctor traveled South America mainly on his motorcycle, “La Poderosa” or “The Mighty One.” You truly have to be a big Che fan for going on this tour, because it could be exhausting and it could require a lot of energy and time.