This Couple Will Teach You How to Become a Digital Nomad

A digital nomad is no ordinary backpacker. Rather, digital nomads are pioneers of the new world of travel, and one that seems all the more appealing in an age where work can be taken from place to place in the form of a laptop. Travel and lifestyle brand “Hobo with a Laptop” can approve this message.

The brand, run by husband and wife duo Mike and Oshin, is dedicated to making the nomad lifestyle relevant, approachable, and actually feasible. “There’s more to be a digital nomad than meets the eye,” they write in one post, promising to guide you walk you through how to make a reliable online income as a freelancer, make money with a blog, and expand on popular digital nomad destinations.

And according to the two adventurers, the time to start planning for a change of lifestyle is right now. “Seize the opportunity to plan for life after lockdown, and piece together everything you need to embrace a digital nomad lifestyle when the smoke clears,” they write. Aside from envy-inducing posts, Mike and Oshin’s website provides you with the know-how to the nomad lifestyle.

Their online resources include detailed guides, itineraries, trip research, packing lists, and travel hacks, and the list goes on and on. Take out you notepad and pencil and start planning your next adventure. You know you need it!