This is the Most Popular Brunch Spot in Tel Aviv

Photo by cafexoho on Instagram

The Start-Up Nation has more to offer than just avant-garde tech companies. Cafe Xoho is the most popular and perhaps most unique cafe in the small country. This spot is decked out with homey furniture, decorations, and equally warm waiting staff. Let’s not mention their extensive, ever-changing menu that has a variety of vegan and vegetarian offerings.

This hideout tucked on Gordon Street, steps from the beach, was featured in the New York Times’ column 36 Hours in Tel Aviv, and if that’s not enough to get you through the doors, maybe these dishes will:

Acai Pecan Banana Bread Crumble Pancakes

House Made Granola Yogurt Parfait

Home Made Everything Bagels with Fresh Vegetables

Fried Egg Beer Bread

Vegan Eggs and Toast

Tumeric Latte

Fresh Cookies (Baked Every Morning!)