This Neighborhood in Sweden Screams Every Night

In the Flogsta neighborhood in the Swedish city of Uppsala, it’s not uncommon to hear people scream at night. The neighborhood is mostly inhabited by students and the scream can be heard every day at 10 p.m., which may sound weird but it’s not for the people who live there.

Nobody knows exactly when this tradition started. Flogsta students use screaming as a way to release stress, and it all likely started in the 1970s or the 80s.

Every night at 10 a.m., the Flogsta residents open their windows and start screaming. We must admit, it sounds like a habit that could help to deal with everything that’s going on these days when we’re all forced to stay at home without many of the activities we’re used to. However, don’t attempt this at home, because your neighbors probably won’t be as chill about it as people from Flogsta.

It can be useful to know about this, in case you’re ever in Uppsala and walk around the city at night – hearing screams shouldn’t alarm you.