3 Board Games Loved by Travelers

While we have wi-fi and numerous streaming services available, this lockdown has been a perfect opportunity to dig up old board games and gather the family for a family game night. There are many different board games and there’s something for everyone, and here are our favorites for anyone who loves traveling.


Tokaido takes you across the “East sea route”, one of the most beautiful Japanese roads. The game has the players traveling from city to city, collecting the souvenirs, meeting the natives, relaxing in hot springs, etc. It can be played by two to five people, and it typically lasts for around 45 minutes.

Ticket to Ride

The concept is simple — each player aims to connect the cities with the railroad. The cities are determined by the cards and the routes can be shorter or longer. The complete routes bring points and the incomplete ones take them away. This is also a game for 2-5 players.


This game was named by a southeastern French city. The players use tiles to create a map and small figures known as meeples to earn points.