Three Ancient Sites To Visit In Ireland

Glendalough, Ireland
Glendalough, Ireland. Photo by Hamed Alayoub on Unsplash

Ireland is famous for its stunning scenery and ancient, almost mythical, sites. From Bronze Age ruins to medieval castles, if you’re a history fan Ireland has more than enough to offer you. Check out three of the most interesting historical sites to explore in Ireland.


Older than the Egyptian pyramids and Stone Henge, this Bronze Age burial site is located in County Meath. Situated beside a river in green countryside, the site is both fascinating and peaceful. The burial site must have been for someone incredibly important – archaeologists believe it would have taken the Neolithic people almost 30 years to construct!

Hill Of Tara

This site is incredibly famous as the location where the kings of Ireland were once crowned. It is also an ancient burial site, and features prominently within several Irish myths and legends. It lives up to its name, as its incredibly steep, but the views make the climb worth it.


The ruins of a church and monastery date from the 11th century, but there are records of a monastic community here dating back to the 6th century. Situated amongst a green, wooded valley, the landscape and the ruins compete here for your attention and admiration.

Ireland is a country of natural beauties and ancient wonders, so make the most of the Emerald Isle and start exploring some of these incredible sites.