Three Italian Desserts You Need To Try

Photo by Victoria Aleksandrova on Unsplash

When it comes to food, Italy offers an abundance of delicious dishes to try. From the classic pasta and pizza, to more intricate seafood dishes and risottos, this is a country where you can be sure you’re going to eat well. If you’re travelling around this European gem (or if you’re staying at home but fancy a culinary adventure) check out these classic Italian desserts which you have to try.

Apple Strudel

Perhaps not the first dessert which springs to mind when we think of Italy, the northern region of Tyrol specializes in hearty, comforting food. The proximity of the border with Austria means that there are lots of Austrian and Germanic influences on the food here, and apples are in season year round so there are always plenty to cook down into a delicious strudel.


You’ve probably had tiramisu from an Italian restaurant in your hometown before, but nothing prepares you for the real deal. Hailing from Venice, this luxurious dessert combines alcochol, cream and coffee and transforms them into the dessert of dreams. If you’re in Venice, steer away from the larger restaurants and cafes on the big palazzos and hunt down the smaller places in the side streets. You’re less likely to get ripped off here, and you know that the food will be 100% authentic.

Panna Cotta

Meaning ‘cooked cream’, this sumptuous dessert hails from Piedmonte, a region famed for its dairy production. Opt for a simple vanilla flavor, or experiment with more exotic options such as lime and basil, peanut, and licorice. Generally served in a dainty bowl at the end of a meal, this dessert is rich enough that you’ll only need a few bites to be satisfied.