Three Of The Best Bonfire Nights In Britain

Bonfire Night, UK
Bonfire Night, UK. Photo by Reuben on Unsplash

In the United Kingdom, the 5th of November is remembered as the day Guy Fawkes’ plot to destroy Parliament was foiled. This event is celebrated with firework displays, bonfires and big gathering of people. If you’re in the UK for this year’s Bonfire Night, check out these three locations which promise plenty of fun, fire and festivities.

Lewes, Sussex

This small town is just half an hour outside the city of Brighton on the train, but is has become world famous for its commitment to Bonfire Night. Expect huge effigies representing contemporary cultural and political figures, a beautiful fireworks display, and plenty of stalls selling hot food and drink. The popularity of this event, and the proximiity of Lewes to both Brighton and London, mean that this Bonfire Night can get incredibly busy, so it might not be one to bring small children along to.

Ottery St Mary, Devon

Ottery St Mary is even smaller than Lewes, but this tiny town draws in the crowds from miles around on Bonfire Night. For hundreds of years the event has been celebrated with the tar barrels—huge wooden barrels filled with tar and set alight, and then carried through the crowded streets. If it sounds dangerous, it definitely can be, so again think carefully before bringing anyone with limited mobility to this exciting event. If you’re planning on going, head to the city of Exeter and then take a bus or taxi to Ottery St Mary—driving and parking can get incredibly busy on the night.

Bristol, UK

The city of Bristol is an excellent place to experience the firework displays, due to its many hills—if you’d rather not pay to get into an event, head to a high spot and enjoy the incredible displays from across the city. Head to the Suspension Bridge for a romantic vibe on Bonfire Night, as you can take in the stunning architecture as well as the exciting fireworks.