3 Things to Avoid Doing While Flying

Photo by ismail mohamed - SoviLe on Unsplash

Spending hours in the sky with little place to move around can be frustrating for any traveler. Even more so when people behave inappropriately. Here are three things to avoid doing while flying to make the trip that little bit more pleasant.

No Seat Swapping

Generally, asking people to swap seats with you is frustrating, especially if those people booked or even paid for those seats in advance. Unless there is a seriously important reason why you cannot sit in your pre-assigned seat, it’s better to rather remain where you were placed.

Don’t Forget Boarding Etiquette

Sometimes, when the flight crew calls passengers to the boarding gate, people rush to get to the front of the line – a chaotic sight to behold. Ultimately, being first in line makes no difference, as everyone will get on the place regardless. Rather than joining in the frenzy, exercise patience and save yourself from unnecessary stress in the process.

Say No to Smelly Food

As you know, a plane is an enclosed space, making smells all the more noticeable. With this in mind, it’s better to rather not eat strong-smelling food on board. Stick to snacks with scents that are less noticeable or maybe wait for the airline’s meals to come around.