3 Things To Do In Oxford, UK

University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom
University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom. Photo by Sidharth Bhatia on Unsplash

Oxford is famously the city of dreaming spires and ancient colleges, and each year it welcomes many visitors who are curious to see this intellectual city at work. If you’re heading to Oxford, don’t go without checking out these top tips of activities to do there.

Visit The Pubs

Pub culture has always been a big part of being a student or resident in Oxford, and the city boasts many excellent and ancient pubs. Whether you’re stopping in for lunch, or settling down with an evening pint, keep an ear out for interesting conversations, as these are big social hubs for many undergraduates at the university.

Colleges Tour

If you want to see the university’s beautiful and ancient buildings, book on to a colleges tour. You’ll be taken around the quads (grass courtyards), around some of the internal buildings and will have a chance to ask your tour guide questions about the history of this prestigious university.

Visit the Ashmolean Museum

Oxford may be a small city, but size doesn’t stop it from boasting some of the UK’s best cultural sites. In the Ashmolean, you can see the Alfred jewel (dating from Anglo-Saxon England), stunning Greek and Roman pottery, and more contemporary fine art.

Once you’ve finished visiting these sites, don’t forget to take a stroll along Oxford’s famous canals. This compact city has so much to offer, so if you haven’t visited already, make sure you book a trip there.