Three Top Destinations For a Budget Friendly Girls Trip

Berat, Albania
Berat, Albania. Photo by Johnny Africa on Unsplash

Whether you are planning a bachelorette party or just hoping the girls’ trip finally makes it out of the group chat, we’ve got you covered with some of the top destinations for a budget friendly girls’ trip. Keep reading for beach trips, city escapes, or wanderlust nature trips.

Paros, Greece

If you and the girls are looking for a budget friendly trip with beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, and notorious nightlife, look no further than Paros. This island is much less expensive than some of the more touristy destinations in Greece, and has just as much charm and beauty. Enjoy a day on the beach as you sunbathe, drink spritzes, and eat your weight in Greek salads. Then take on the town. There’s a reason why this Island is so enchanting, and is also a great spot to meet other budget friendly travelers.


Albania is definitely worth the visit as it more cost effective and budget friendly than most European countries, and offers beautiful beaches, Roman ruins, history, and castles. Albania is also home to some UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Berat Castle, and an incredibly well-preserved citadel. Accommodations and food are also inexpensive, making Albania an excellent choice for travelers seeking beaches, history, and castles on a budget!

Bali, Indonesia

While flight prices may be on the higher side, everything else is a budget friendly paradise in Bali. Bali is a beautiful destination for those looking to enjoy nature, beaches, and vibrant culture. It’s the perfect place to enjoy spa days, visit temples, and lounge on the beach without breaking the bank.