Tips And Tricks For Surviving a Long Bus Ride

Photo by Juan Encalada on Unsplash

While getting on a plane to travel long distances for your vacation is preferable, sometimes you have no other choice but to go by bus. It is usually cheaper, and that’s why many people opt for this type of transportation.

However, it’s also the least comfortable way of traveling, especially if your trip is a 10+ hour one. Here are some ways you can make it easier and more enjoyable for yourself:

Dress comfortably

The most important thing you can do is put your most comfortable clothes on. Whether it’s a sweatshirt or a pair of tights, make sure it’s something you’ll be okay with wearing for a longer period of time. Soft, breathable fabrics are your best friend here. Also, make sure to wear comfy shoes, or even bring some cozy slippers to change into when your feet start to hurt.

Bring a pillow

Falling asleep in a bus can be challenging, especially if you’re traveling at night. Small seats and uncomfortable angles are bound to give you neck and backaches in no time. To prevent this, bring a small travel pillow, one you can easily carry in your bag. You won’t make a mistake if you bring a blanket as well since the bus can get pretty cold, especially if the air conditioning is turned up high.

Bring healthy snacks

While your appetite might grow during a long and tedious trip, it is better to eat lightly and be careful not to eat something that will upset your stomach. There’s nothing worse than traveling with a tummy ache. Bring lots of water, but try not to overdrink. You never know when the next stop will be, and that can be risky, especially if the bus doesn’t come with its own toilet.

Stretch anytime you can

Your muscles can easily get sore from the uncomfortable sitting position. Grab the opportunity to take a little walk and stretch out your legs every time the bus stops for a break. Your body will be grateful for it and you will feel refreshed.

Keep yourself entertained

Before buying your ticket, make sure the bus you’re traveling with has Wi-Fi. As a back-up, fill your phone with all your favorite music, audio-books or podcasts. Enjoying all the things you love makes a great distraction, and it will seem like you’ve arrived at your destination in no time.