Tips for Traveling as an Introvert

Traveling as a Introvert
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

From airport staff and taxi drivers to tour guides and hostel roommates, traveling typically includes no shortage of opportunities to interact with a variety of people. For many, these interactions are a huge part of what makes traveling fun, but for those of us who are on the more introverted side, even the simplest exchange can feel stressful. If you can relate, read on for some of our best tips on how to travel more comfortably as an introvert.

Plan Solo Excursions

The main downside to traveling in a group is having to compromise over the itinerary, but when traveling alone, you’re in complete control. Take advantage of the opportunity to embrace your introverted side by planning activities that align with your interests, especially things that you may not have access to at home. Explore museums, enjoy a cup of coffee at a local cafe, or just wander through the streets and take in the sights.

Communicate With Tech

Technology has made the world a much more comfortable place for introverts, especially when it comes to travel. If you plan to stay in an Airbnb, know that most, if not all, communication with your host can be completed by messaging through the app. Google Maps offers an easy way to navigate your destination without having to ask anyone for directions, some ride-sharing services like Uber have even introduced a “quiet preferred” option for passengers looking for small talk-free rides.

Pick Private Accommodations

Shared accommodations such as hostels can be uncomfortable enough for the average traveler, and while they may be a decent option for cutting down on costs, for serious introverts, sometimes the savings just aren’t worth it. Instead, consider booking a room at a boutique hotel or private Airbnb that will provide more personal space and a quieter environment. If you do need to stay in a hostel, try to reserve a private room.