Tips for Visiting Antarctica

The southernmost, iciest, most isolated continent in the world—Antarctica certainly sees fewer travelers than the other continents. After all, it’s a pretty harsh environment down there. But if you’re the adventurous type and want to see this continent anyway, here are some tips you should be sure to follow.

Go in the Summer

Antarctica is pretty cold year-round, but the summer is definitely less harsh than the winter. So do your best to plan your trip for the warmer months of the year, so you’re not freezing your nose off. And don’t forget to wear layers. It can get pretty sunny, and you’ll want to have clothing options if the temperature is unexpectedly warm.

Pack Sunscreen

Speaking of the sun—no matter the temperature or cloud cover, don’t forget to pack, apply, and reapply sunscreen often when you visit Antarctica. That South pole sun is harsh!

Bring Seasickness Medication

If you’re visiting Antarctica on a cruise, be prepared for some pretty rocky seas, especially when you get to the Drake Passage—which is notorious for being rough, choppy, and windy. Having some dramamine on hand will make the experience much smoother.