Top 10 Destinations For Sports Fans

For those who enjoy visiting locations where sports legends are made, here is our destination list.

Barcelona, Spain

Home of Camp Nou, the largest soccer stadium in Europe.

Boston, US

Basketball, baseball, football, or hockey, Boston tells the history of local teams, players, and fans.

Sydney, Australia

The host of the 2000 Olympic Games and home of Aussie rules football.

New York City, US

Reasons to visit NYC: Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, and the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Dublin, Ireland

Try watching the ancient sport of Hurling, a mix between hockey, lacrosse, and baseball.

Tokyo, Japan

Not the obvious choice, but in Tokyo, a sports fan can find an Olympic Stadium as well as international-class baseball and rugby venues.

London, UK

Don’t miss a visit to Wembley soccer stadium, Wimbledon, and even The World Rugby Museum in Twickenham.

Berlin, Germany

Another unexpected sports destination, where you can watch basketball, soccer, and even hockey games.

Toronto, Canada

The world capital of hockey, home of the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame and 13 Stanley Cups winner, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

San Diego, US

For something a little different, San Diego visitors can enjoy the California Surf Museum.