Top 4 Places To Kiss In Venice

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

If you and your loved one are in the city of romance, then it’s only fair to give the city proper respect by sharing your love (and a kiss or two) at the following places, which look as if they were created to spread romance.  

Bridge of Sighs 

Built at the beginning of the 17th century, this baroque bridge was designed by architect and sculptor Antonio Kontin and connects the Doge’s Palace with a former prison. Now, the legend says that a couple that shares a kiss under this bridge will stay together forever.  

A gondola ride 

Explain to the gondolier that you want a quiet side channel ride away from the tourist jungle – San Polo is a great part of the town for such an experience.  

The tunnel of love 

Sotoportego is the name for the tunnels beneath Venetian houses and buildings, often framed by arches and columns. Lovers have used them for private meetings for centuries because they keep secrets, and if you plan a visit during the colder months, they are great protection against wind and rain. 

St. Mark’s Square 

This requires a little discipline, but welcoming the dawn at the grand St. Mark’s Square is a truly unique experience, well worth your effort. Big parties are often held at at St. Mark’s Square and at midnight you can find yourself among thousands of couples who kiss and celebrate with fireworks and prosecco.