Top 5 Reasons to Visit Wollongong While in Australia

Viewpoint at Wollongong, Australia
Photo by bayley clark on Unsplash

Beautiful cities are scattered all around Australia, but most people simply visit Sydney and Melbourne and call it a day. If you want to dive a little bit deeper and discover some of its best-hidden secrets, here are five reasons why you should check out Wollongong during your visit.

Day Trip Destination

The Gong is located only about an hour away from Sydney by car, and it’s a perfect day-trip destination that you can explore from this city.

Beautiful Beaches

Due to its convenient location on the ocean shores, Wollongong is home to many beautiful beaches, including Wattamolla Beach, Garie Beach, and Wollongong Beach.

Natural Beauty

There are many natural wonders that you can find in Wollongong itself, but the real magic starts when you step outside the city and discover its surroundings, starting with Lake Illawarra, Killalea Reserve, and Mount Keira.

Family Fun

The Gong is the perfect spot for family visits, and not only because it’s home to many beaches and nature reserves. You should also consider exploring Jamberoo Action Park and Science Space with your little ones.

Stunning Architecture

Architecture lovers won’t be disappointed by Wollongong, especially if they take a moment to check out Sea Cliff Bridge and Nan Tien Temple.