Top 5 UK Cities to Live and Work In

Manchester, England. Photo by Stacey MacNaught/Flickr

The United Kingdom is a truly great place to live, but not all of its cities are the same. Here is a list of the top 5 cities to live and work in across the U.K., according to earnings, access to green space, and several other factors are listed below.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is an educational center and offers plenty of opportunities for work. It has plenty of green areas and a rich cultural and social life. The number of startups is pretty high while the office space costs are 50% lower than in London.

London, England

London simply had to be on this list. The capital of England and the U.K. offers many jobs, good earnings, and great access to education, but living and renting an office will take away a great portion of those earnings.

Bristol, England

Bristol is one of the start-up centers of England with great earning potential and many things to do in your spare time.

Manchester, England

After Edinburgh, Manchester has the greatest access to green space. There is also a developed business opportunity, but the earnings are not as high as in some other cities.

Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is a perfect place to live if you value education, culture and green space over earning potential.