Top Canadian Forests to Experience Waldeinsamkeit

Emerald Lake, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Faith McDonald on Unsplash

Waldeinsamkeit is a German word that doesn’t really have a direct English translation. Essentially, it describes the feeling of being alone in a forest. This feeling is supposed to be one of peace and is something that you should feel whenever you’re surrounded by nature. In an effort to find a sense of ‘waldeinsamkeit’ here are some of the best forests in Canada to visit. 

Chase Woods Nature Preserve — British Columbia

The province of British Columbia is full of forests, but this little nature preserve found on Vancouver Island is one of the more serene spots. Visitors to the area can remove their shoes, and feel the earth between their toes. Find a nice log to sit on, and meditate for a few minutes with the sounds of the forest around you. 

Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

Next door to British Columbia is the province of Alberta. This area also has many forests and the Rocky Mountains for travelers to explore. If you need some serenity, then head over to Crowsnest Pass. This spot is a natural pathway for wildlife, so do be aware of your surroundings.

Elk Glen — Manitoba

The province of Manitoba is known for being cold, and full of polar bears if you head up North. But Elk Glen has that wintry wonderland feel to it if you go there in the colder months. You will need to bundle up, but you can still find waldeinsamkeit as you walk amongst the snow-laden branches.