Top Kid-Friendly Attractions for Animal Lovers Visiting Singapore

White tiger at the Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo. Photo by Gillian Putri on Unsplash

Singapore is one of those cities that has something in store for everyone, including people visiting with their entire family. If your kids happen to be huge animal lovers, here are a few attractions you should consider checking out during your visit.

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is the first place that animal lovers consider exploring in this city. It’s been hailed as the best rainforest zoo in the world, and it’s now home to over 315 animal species, many of which happen to be endangered.

Night Safari

Located next to Singapore Zoo, Night Safari has been around since 1994, and it’s the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park. You can explore several different geographical zones during your visit and pass elephants, tigers, and lions while moving through rainforest walking trails.

River Safari                           

River Safari is one of the best choices for family adventures in Singapore. In addition to being home to the popular Giant Panda Forest, you can enjoy freshwater exhibits and riverboat rides during your visit.

Jurong Bird Park

With 5,000 birds of 400 species on its grounds, Jurong is one of the world’s most diverse bird parks. It’s also perfect for family visits because there are play areas and cafés on the premises.