Gypsea Lust is Setting the Tone for Instagram Travel Bloggers

Some travel bloggers have been doing it so long, and so effectively, that they’ve reached pseudo-celebrity status. With over two million Instagram followers, Lauren Bullen has done just that. Also known as Gypsea Lust, this Australian travel blogger documents her epic adventures around the world that she embarks on with her partner. So what does she do that sets her apart?

Custom Feel

Bullen customizes her own filters to her liking, and she’s mastered the art of color dynamics just as well as anyone. In fact, she’s gotten so good at making her own custom presets that she offers fans the option of buying them!

She Keeps Things Interesting

She does so much more than simply travel the world and take pictures of her adventures. She offers countless contests for her fans to potentially win major prizes such as luggage sets.

She Knows The Game

Gypsea Lust has mastered the hashtag game like no one else. Using clever tactics, her hashtags reference emerging trends and aim to draw in more fans by the day.

See For Yourself

Ultimately, to see what sets her apart, you just have to scroll through her Instagram yourself. Once you do, it’ll become clear why she’s amassed so many followers. Her photos are incredible and her charisma is off the charts!