Tourist Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan
Petra, Jordan. Photo by Juanma Clemente-Alloza on Unsplash

The archeological city, Petra, Jordan is one of the places everyone should visit if they have a chance. This modern wonder of the world will stun you with its amazing rock-cut architecture, stunning ancient ruins, and scenic cliffs, while providing a traveling experience you will never forget.

However, if you want your Petra visit to be all about the positives, you might want to avoid some common mistakes that many of the million tourists that visit the site each year make. Check them out below.

Making it a One-Day Trip

Most people don’t realize just how many things there are to see in Petra and the nearby area. This is why many people decide to make it only a one-day trip, which they end up regretting after. Take at least a couple of days to explore Petra if you want to check out all the major sights.

Skipping the Visitor’s Center

The Visitor’s Center is a great way to learn a bit about Petra’s history and find out from the people in Jordan which of the main attractions you shouldn’t miss. It is also a great way to pick up some helpful tips and get familiar with the dos and don’ts of traveling in Jordan.

Not Being Properly Equipped

You’ll be surprised how many people come to Petra unprepared. You are visiting a desert, and you should treat it as such. This means wearing comfortable shoes and clothes and bringing sunscreen, hats, and plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

Missing Petra by Night

Petra by Night is a unique event that will make your trip even more special. The city’s most important buildings, like Treasury and Siq, are illuminated by candles, creating a fantastic atmosphere. You won’t want to miss it.