Travel on a Budget? It’s Possible in These Western European Cities

Although it’s full of marvelous cities and places to see, the reputation that Western Europe as an expensive place to travel isn’t completely unfounded. Many cities, like London and Paris, have the capability to price out travelers who might be on a stricter budget. However, don’t despair! Western Europe does have a lot of destinations that aren’t so rough on your wallet. Here are some ideas for more affordable Western European cities to visit.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, the stunning Portuguese capital city, which is full of hills, castles, and ancient neighborhoods like Alfama, is one of the cheapest major cities in the entire continent. Meals are particularly inexpensive, while admission to monuments like the Jeronimos Monastery will only set you back a few Euros.

Seville, Spain

Madrid and Barcelona have gotten quite expensive in recent years, but the Andalusian capital of Seville in the country’s south remains affordable. One of Seville’s great traditions is the inexpensive tapeo, where you go from bar to bar ordering a beer or wine and a small plate of food for only a couple of Euros.

Marseille, France

Can you believe it? Despite France’s reputation as an expensive country, cheap prices can still be found in the incredibly underrated Mediterranean destination of Marseille. Attractions like the Notre Dame de la Garde Church are completely free to visit, and you’ll find plenty of ethnic Middle Eastern restaurants with rock-bottom prices.