Travel Through Time At These Ancient Destinations

Image by Alex Ertel from Pixabay

If your favorite type of holiday is one that allows you to learn about and relive history, here are some awesome destinations you seriously need to visit!  

Cusco, Peru 

The former capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco is 3,416 meters above the Andes. Even today, all we know about it is that the city was built according to a plan as an economic, administrative and educational center for the people who inhabited it. The population paid tax, which was used to build the infrastructure. 

Alexandria, Egypt  

What did Caesar, Alexander the Great and Napoléon have in common? Well, one way or another, they all saw the city of Alexandria as vital to their quests. Caesar burned down the library, Alexander gave it its name and Napoléon used it as a strategic handle… Sounds interesting? Just wait to see the remains today.

Athens, Greece  

One of the rare things you can’t put a price on is the cultural wealth of Athens. This city has played a major role in the creation of Western culture as we know it today. It will blow your mind to see the Acropolis and the Agora in person and feel the dedication of the proud Athenians who managed to build a city one stone at a time.