Traveling By Train? Here’s How to Pass the Time

Young woman riding on a train.
Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez on Unsplash

Even those who love traveling don’t necessarily love the journey itself. As poetic as it sounds to embrace every moment, sometimes traveling from one city to another is just plain boring. If you’re traveling by train, these trips can sometimes take hours, and it’s probably best that you have something to do. Sure, there are the obvious options such as sleeping or listening to music. But here are some alternate suggestions that we believe will make your train ride not just bearable, but fun!


If you love reading but don’t feel like carrying around a book while you travel, audiobooks are the answer. Just kick back and allow the narrator to take you on a journey as you enjoy the view outside. The best part? You’ll find the time passing incredibly quickly, and you might even want the ride to continue because you’re so captivated by your audiobook!

Create Something

If you’re an artist of some kind, long train rides are the perfect time to get things done. If you’re an author, songwriter, illustrator, or anything of that sort, this is the perfect time for you to dig deep and create something beautiful with minimal distractions.


Traveling in general is a way to take a break from your “real life”. However, train rides allow you the option to take a “break from your break” and reflect on what’s going on in your mind and where you see your life going.