Traveling Green in 2023’s Top Sustainable Destinations

Reykjavík, Iceland
Reykjavík, Iceland. Photo by Tom Podmore on Unsplash

Eco-conscious travelers! The future of travel is not just about jetting off to exotic locations, but about journeying with intention and treading lightly upon our beautiful Earth. As 2023 unfolds, it’s exhilarating to see destinations around the world embracing sustainable practices, paving the way for eco-friendly adventures.

Costa Rica

First up, Costa Rica continues to lead as an eco-paradise with its commitment to biodiversity and renewable energy. From rainforest lodges to turtle conservation projects, this tropical haven beckons with both beauty and responsibility.


Not to be outdone, Iceland offers a blend of geothermal energy usage and pristine landscapes. Explore geysers and glaciers, knowing the country prioritizes protecting its natural wonders.

New Zealand

Now New Zealand melds Maori principles of guardianship with its awe-inspiring landscapes. Eco-lodges, organic wineries, and conservation efforts ensure visitors experience the beauty of Aotearoa in the most respectful manner.


Closer to Europe, Portugal’s Alentejo region shines with its sustainable vineyards, traditional cork forests, and charming eco-friendly accommodations.


Lastly, don’t miss Bhutan, the world’s only carbon-negative country! With its Gross National Happiness index and lush landscapes, it’s an epitome of holistic sustainable travel.