Ukrainian Airline Revamps Flight Attendant Outfit

SkyUp Airlines is one of the youngest low-cost airlines in Europe and one of the biggest ones in Ukraine. They recently decided to replace their flight attendant uniform, ditching formal pencil skirts and high heels and introducing loose trouser suits and Nike sneakers.

“Shoes on heels look beautiful, I do not argue with that, but feet suffer and swell by the end of the flight. Sneakers are absolutely cool,” Alexandrina Denysenko, a senior flight attendant, told Reuters.

The suits and silk scarfs are made by local brands. Underneath the suit, the flight attendants will wear white t-shirts instead of blouses. Denysenko mentioned that skirts and heels are a bad choice in case of an emergency landing in water and evacuation.

The company realizes that, despite the romanticizing of the flight attendant’s job, they realize it’s physically demanding and unnecessarily difficult for the ladies. Standing on their feet for 12 hours is not pleasant and often leaves long-term consequences.

The company has a plan to launch a new male crew uniform too. A light suit will replace a vest and they will wear a t-shirt instead of a shirt. They will also get Nike sneakers but in black.

The new uniform will be launched on October 22nd.