United Airline’s Super Bowl Ad May Have Been a Little Dig at Southwest

United Airlines
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Some people tune in to the Super Bowl to see which football team will claim that year’s title. Others (you know who you are) watch for the halftime show. And then there are some who are just curious about the commercials. 

With the Super Bowl being prime television real estate, companies create adverts especially for the big event. 

This year, United Airlines was one of those.

Super Bowl commercials tend to range from witty to tearjerkers, and United’s was definitely in the latter category.

“This isn’t a flashy Big Game commercial,” reads white text over a plain black screen. “No celebrities. No gags.”

Clips of a family then begin to play, while the text reads: “This is just the story of a family from Denver. Who got together for the holidays.” The ad continues with, “United got more families in and out of Denver this holiday than any other airline. Despite the weather. Good leads the way.”

Many are of the belief that United was making a not-so-subtle dig at Southwest Airlines which cancelled more than 15,000 flights over the holiday period. The fiasco resulted in thousands of passengers having to sleep at Denver International Airport and missing out on being with their families. 

We’ll wait to see whether Southwest releases a counter ad.