Set Sail on a Jennifer Lopez-Curated Cruise

Jennifer Lopez at the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2020
Jennifer Lopez at the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2020. Photo by David Fisher/Shutterstock (10525963nt)

If there’s one person you want to travel with, it’s Richard Branson. The Englishman is the brains behind the Virgin Group of which Virgin Atlantic is a major component. 

In addition to air travel, Virgin has branched out onto land, sea, and even space. Branson’s 2021 flight into the stratosphere on the VSS Unity was well-documented, earning him the title of the first billionaire founder of a space company to travel to the edge of space. 

The entrepreneur’s next voyage (ahem) is a special cruise curated by Jennifer Lopez.

Last year, the Shotgun Wedding star was appointed as the Chief Entertainment and Lifestyle Officer of Virgin Voyages, so guests can expect to get loud on the floor. 

“My mission has always been to entertain, empower and inspire my fans to live their lives without putting limits on what they believe they can achieve,” Lopez said in a statement. “Richard and I share this passion for partnerships and experiences that bring people joy and lift you up, which is why I am so excited to work with Virgin Voyages to bring the Limitless Voyage to the seven seas.”

The 5-night cruise will run from April 14 to 19 and follow the Dominican Daze itinerary which departs from Miami and sails to Puerto Plata. It is set to include panels with female entrepreneurs and experiences inspired by the “Ain’t Your Mama” singer who will be onboard with Branson for the first day.