Unusual Museums You Should Check Out In Toronto, Canada

Photo by Richard Kidger on Unsplash

Toronto is home to many museums that celebrate the history and art of Canada, but some of its most interesting and unusual cultural institutions are actually dedicated to tiny curiosities that would never cross your mind.

Bata Shoe Museum

You probably adore shoes, but have you ever considered going to a museum dedicated to your favorite fashion accessory? This is the only museum in North America dedicated to the history of footwear, and it features a huge collection of over 13,500 items.

Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions franchise is expending all over the world, and Toronto is currently one of three North American cities with a branch of their own – and the only one in Canada. If you’re in the mood for an immersive experience (and a great photo op) this is a place to be.

Gardiner Museum

If you’re an old soul looking for a place where you’re going to feel at home, Gardiner Museum is the perfect fit. It features one of the most impressive collections of ceramic art in the entire world, and many of the pieces are owned by its founders George and Helen Gardiner.