Unwritten Rules of Using Hostel Kitchen That You Should Live By

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

One of the best things about staying at hostels is the shared kitchen they usually provide. This is a place where you can save a lot of money by making your own meals, while also mingling with other travelers, but there are some unwritten rules that you’ll need to respect.

Label Your Food

If you’re storing any of your food in the communal refrigerator or pantry, the hostel will ask you to label it with your name, room number, and check-out date to avoid confusion.

Don’t Take Anyone’s Food

Taking other’s people food at hostels is a huge no-no, even if it’s not labeled. The food that is up for grabs will usually be marked as free, and some hostels even have a special shelf or pantry for the food that previous guests left behind.

Act Fast

A hostel kitchen isn’t really a place where you should experiment and try to hone your cooking skills. Your time here will be limited because many other guests will want to use it, so be mindful of your cooking time and try not to take too long, especially during peak hours.

Proper Cleanup

After using the hostel kitchen, remember to clean up after yourself. Wash your dishes or put them in a dishwasher if available to leave the kitchen clean and tidy for the next person.