Versatile Shoe Styles To Take On Vacation

Photo by Victoria Berman on Unsplash

When it comes to packing, shoes are one of the hardest items to squash into a suitcase. However, most of us want to be able to mix and match our looks and make a style statement when on holiday. One way to get around this is to pack a pair of light, slim ballet pumps (very in vogue this season) in your case, and wear a pair of shoes that will see you through many different situations. Check out this list of three of the most versatile shoe styles to consider this fall.

Mary Jane Pumps

Like ballet pumps, this neat and smart shoes are having a moment. They are just that bit sturdier than traditional ballet pumps, meaning you will be able to traipse around galleries, stroll to dinner, and march around museums whilst wearing them. They are also versatile in a style sense, looking fabulous with formal wear including dinner gowns, smart skirts, and suits, but also when paired with jeans, a mini-skirt or shorts.

Cowboy Boots

Another shoe style that is currently on trend, cowboy boots may not initially scream ‘versatility’ at you, but these hefty boots will definitely see you through if it’s wet on your vacation. They also look great whether you’ve paired them with jeans, a flouncy dress, a maxi skirt, or even a suit, so find the pair that’s right for you.

Chelsea Boots

These boots are magic in the sense that they can look as smart or as formal as you wish. Pair them with slim-leg pants, a pencil skirt, or a suit, and you will look ready for your business meeting. Alternatively, match them with a casual dress or cargo pants, and you can hit the shops, galleries, or whereever you’re headed on holiday.