3 Stunning Castles That You Shouldn’t Miss During Your Visit to Romania

Peles Castle, Romania
Peles Castle, Romania. Photo by Majkl Velner on Unsplash

Romania is widely known as Dracula’s birth country, and it will win you over with its Gothic architecture. Enchanting castles are scattered all around it, and these three will take you centuries into the past and make you appreciate Romania’s rich history, culture, and architectural beauty even more.

Bran Castle

Commonly known as Dracula’s Castle, this charming castle in the heart of Transylvania is one of its main landmarks. Horror fans can’t resist visiting this top attraction while in Romania, but it’s important to note that its connection to Bram Stoker’s Dracula is purely fictional and that the castle from this beloved novel barely resembles this one.

Peleș Castle

Peleș Castle is one of Transylvania’s masterpieces of Neo-Renaissance architecture, and you shouldn’t miss it for the world while exploring this region. Initially built for King Carol I of Romania, this castle is equally impressive inside and out and you should definitely explore its museum of national heritage during your visit.

Corvin Castle

Corvin Castle is one of the seven wonders of Romania – and for a good reason! This Gothic-Renaissance castle in Hunedoara is one of the largest and most stunning in all of Europe, and it will win you over with its imposing towers and gorgeous courtyards.