Visit New York City’s Top Attractions Without Spending a Dime

Image by Zsolt Tóth from Pixabay

Visiting NYC is a part of everyone’s bucket list, but a trip to the Big Apple comes with a long list of expenses. Fortunately, you can check out some of its top spots free of charge – and here’s a couple of top attractions you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Free MoMA Visits

The Museum of Modern Art is one of New York’s must-see spots, but it also comes with a $25 admission fee. If you’re not able to afford the ticket, make your way to MoMA on Friday evening between 4pm to 8pm, when the admission is free – but get ready for the long lines.

New York Public Library

Even if you’re not a passionate book lover, the New York Public Library is a true architectural gem that deserves your attention. Make sure to pay it a visit while in this city, since you can enter it free of charge.

Staten Island Ferry

Taking a ride on the Staten Island Ferry is the best way to enjoy breathtaking views at the Statue of Liberty and the rest of New York City. The ferry ride each way lasts for approximately 25 minutes, and you don’t have to buy a ticket to get on board.