5 Unusual Things To Do In Bangkok, Thailand

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There’s a whole lot to see and do in Bangkok, but if you are after something a little more unusual than your typical tourist spots, here are five alternative things you can do in Thailand’s buzzing capital.

The Ancient Ruins of Ayutthaya

The ancient city of Ayutthaya is just outside Bangkok. Here you will find the iconic Buddha head statue bound by the roots of the Bodhi tree. You will find many ruins and temples in this strange ancient city.

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🇬🇧Ayutthaya is a city located in Thailand. The ruins of the ancient city are preserved in Ayutthaya Historical Park, which is UNESCO World Heritage since 1991. The park includes the royal palaces and the monasteries of Ayutthaya. They are very important beacuse they show us both the prosperity and wealth of this ancient city and the advanced technologies used to build and decorate. Every building is richly decorated and they have great wall paintings, where we can see the amazing medley of cultures, which was typical of Ayutthaya art.🏛🗿 • 🇮🇹Ayutthaya è una città della Thailandia. In questo territorio sono conservate le rovine della città antica che formano il Parco storico di Ayutthaya, patrimonio dell'umanità riconosciuto dall'UNESCO nel 1991. Il parco contiene i grandi palazzi reali e monasteri di Ayutthaya, che testimoniano la prosperità di cui godette la capitale, la progredita tecnologia utilizzata per la costruzione e l'affascinante richiamo dell'antica tradizione culturale del posto. Tutti gli edifici sono finemente decorati e presentano estesi murales, in cui sono rappresentati miscugli delle varie civiltà che furono alla base dell'arte di Ayutthaya. 🏛🗿 📸 by @oneoceanaway_ 🏺 Go see my stories to know something new about history or archaeology!🏛🗿 • #archaeologicaltrip #thailandia #thailand🇹🇭 #thailand_ig #worldwonders #thailandtrip #thailandgram #thailandtravels #thailandonly #thailandismagic #thailanddiaries #archeology #archeologia #thailandtemple #thailandadventures #visitthailand #archaeology #travelbloggervibes #travelthailand #monument #temples #ayutthaya #antiquearchaeology #ayutthayatrip #lostinthailand #beautifulthailand #thaitraveling

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Retro Speakeasy Bars

There are many quirky bars in Bangkok. The speakeasy bars replicate the mysterious speakeasies that popped up in 1020’s Shanghai. The bars are hidden away and have a strict smart casual dress code. Inside you will find live music and affordable food and drink.

Bangkok Airplane Graveyard

749 planes sit lying in pieces off Ramkhamhaeng Road. Many of these have been transformed into makeshift homes. It can be a lot of fun exploring.

Cabbages & Condoms

Cabbage & Condoms is a particularly unusual restaurant with a particular peculiar theme. All the decor is made from condoms and they give them out for free on request.

Siriraj Medical Museum

If you like museums, check out the Siriraj Museum of medical curiosities. Not for the faint of heart!